Hotel revenue management


Our Revenue Management team manages the profitability of your rooms and the e-marketing of your establishment...


Once we have put in place our operational and financial expertise, we solve the profitability issues. Our expert Yield Management team manages the budgeting of your rooms and all the e-commercialisation of your hotel, in order to optimise your establishment's net income as much as possible.  

We guarantee you a clear vision of your future revenues thanks to a totally transparent strategic process that involves a number of actions: 

  • Audit of historical sales figures and personalised recommendations 
  • Study of the offer/products proposed by the establishment 
  • Analysis of demand behaviour by segment, market and channel 
  • Drawing up demand forecasts and implementing them by segment 
  • Drawing up the price scale and annual turnover budgets 
  • Updating availability and pricing plans for distribution channels 
  • Operational management of pricing policy 7/7 with direct access to the Channel Manager 
  • Sending of a monthly report including KPIs and comparison with the budget  
  • Around-the-clock availability and ongoing collaboration with operational teams